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2013 Results

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Dog Judge: Jenny Townshend (Jenroy)
Bitch Judge: Isobel Edison (Vizage)
Referee: Barry Alton (Tarpen)

DOG CC: Ch/Ir Ch Winuwuk Lust At First Sight
RES CC: Ch Carmond Gerry Weber At Glenauld
BITCH CC: Ch Sandwash Tommi Gun At Berwynfa
RES CC: Susancar Anna Compliss
BPIS: Lanfrese Ocolardo

L-R Dog CC & BIS CH Winuwuk Lust At First Sight, Bitch CC & RBIS CH Sandwash Tommi Gun at Berwynfa & BPD & BPIS Lanfrese Ocolardo

Our letter from the KC awarding The Anglian Boxer Club's Championship Show 'Excellent'

A few of our class winners throughout the day

Minor Puppy Dog
Lanfrese Ocolardo

Minor Puppy Bitch
Galicar Insolence

Junior Dog
Jeddhi Roman Heart

Junior Bitch
Susancar Anna Compliss JW

Yearling Dog
Xandene Black Oasis

Yearling Bitch
Indiana Simply Sensational by Boxyjen

Novice Dog
Beautiful Day for Daervlish JW

Graduate Dog
Kevanor Federor JW

Graduate Bitch
Verdendo Yule Be Lucky JW

Post Graduate Dog
Winuwuk The Outlaw

Post Graduate Bitch
Farvalley Sirocco's Gift

Limit Dog
Maromad Kiss The Girls at Winuwuk

Limit Bitch
Robinsteck Sister Act

Veteran Bitch
CH Galicar Designed For Looks by Newlaithe


OPEN 2013

We really enjoyed our September 2013 Open Show, and Special Puppy Event. We hope you did too. did, We think you did - from the lovely comments made at the show by numerous exhibitors. A big "Thank You" to Royal Canin, our most generous sponsor. The judge for the Open Show was Stuart Lockwood-Brown (Shiloh) who kindly stepped in for our scheduled judge, Liz Adam, who unfortunately had injured her back and was unable to fulfil her appointment.
The Special Puppy Event judge was Stewart Copeland (Kronos).
The NEW VENUE for this show, which is only approx. 1 mile from Newark showground, met with great enthusiasm by all. It is beside the river Trent in a very picturesque setting and has lots of indoor and outdoor space and ample parking. We were so lucky on the day, with clear blue skies and wall to wall sunshine, enabling us to have the ring outside. Exhibitors enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere ........ with many stalwarts of the breed attending, along with some new faces. It was lovely to see you all, thank you so much for making it such a success.
We made the decision to move with you, the exhibitor in mind......we love it and are delighted that you did too. We hope to make this our permanent open show venue and will change our day from Sunday to Saturday in order to be able to have this venue.
There was the usual mouthwatering range of homecooked food on offer, including our famous bacon butties. We were spoilt for choice with the cakes on offer, homemade by the committee .... with Helen Banks's fabulous fresh cream Victoria sponge, Sara Brooks's aray of various delicious iced cupcakes and Wendy Brooks's apple and apple/blackberry pie .... all with fresh cream.

Judges Critique - Open Show (Stuart Lockwood-Brown)
BD & BIS Kelly's Casemates Cassanove
RBD, BPD & BPIS Bank's Walkon Hey No Issue at Sunhawk Norwatch
BB & BOS Murfin's Farvalley Sirocco's Gift ShCM
BPB Turner's Tigalian Double Date

I thank the exhibitors for accepting me as a last minute substitute judge so well.
1.RAMELEON PLAY AWAY. A well grown b/w with a good balanced head in the making. Dark alert expression and good mouth. Strong neck down to well laid shoulders super level top line. Deep brisket and gentle tuck up. Well angulated quarters which showed on the move
2.VENDENDO COUNTRY N’WESTERN. A very raw 6 ½ mths B/w. Its all there in the making nicely balanced head level top line obviously maturity will body him up even so he has well muscled quarters already and moved ok for age
PD (4.0)
1.WALKON HEY NO ISSUE AT SUNHAWK NORWATCH. B/w stunner of 11mnths. Super head piece darkest of eyes and square muzzle in proportion to skull‘ and good mouth. Strong crested neck down to well laid shoulders deep brisket and well sprung rib cage and an evident fore chest. He is short coupled with strong round bone and tight cat feet. Because he is so powerful he pushes his quarters back looking over angulated but on the move they drive him well and he moves powerfully. BPIS & RBD
2.IDLEFORDE BRING HIM HOME. Well balance head on this B/W. He has a good mouth and dark expressive eyes. He is short coupled with level slightly sloping top line with good tail set . Not the front of winner and lacked fore chest .Moved ok.
JD (2.1)
1.CASEMATES CASANOVA Really liked this B/W with a super square outline. Loved his head so well balanced muzzle to skull and a good rise. Excellent expression from dark eyes. Strong crested neck and top line well sprung rib cage and gentle tuck up. Has driving quarters which drove him effortlessly around the ring. BIS
2.JUBREN YOGI CHEVEYO A short coupled r/w . He presents a square outline with correct angulations fore and aft.. Head properties are well balanced with kind expression.. Good depth of brisket and tuck up. Level top line and correct tail set. Preferred the more positive movement of 1
ND (6.3)
1.PANABLO STRIKE A DEAL FOR FARFIELD A smart B/W of excellent type. A well balanced head dark eyes and open nostrils good rise of skull. Strong broad top line down to well muscled quarters. Rather unruly but lovely when settled. Did not do himself justice in the challenge
2.CASEMATES THE WIZARD. A strong b/w. Not the head of winner and slightly longer cast
GD (2.0)
2.TIGALION HEY DUDE Presents a square short coupled outline. Has strong neck down to good shoulder placement and strong top line but would prefer more spring of rib. His head would benefit from more rise of skull . However moved with drive
PGD (3.0)
1.STELLVANA SINATRA JW. A powerful b/w giving his handler a hard time. He has a well balanced head with dark expressive eyes and square muzzle . Strong arched neck to well angulated shoulders broad level top line and muscled quarters which drove him around the ring so well
2.KEVANOR FEDERER. JW B/w with a well balance outline all through. No exaggerators here . Head balanced correct muzzle to skull ratio. Moved positively. Not the scope of winner.
LD (2.1)
1.STANRYK ROCKY DREAMS AT BRICKLIF. Up to size b/w . Has a typical head with an alert expression and balanced muzzle to skull ratio. Strong neck and correct layback of shoulders. Lovely muscled quarters and moved with power around the ring
1.ROXIGA VALENTINO ROSSI sh CM. A powerful b/w giving handler a hard time. His head is strong and a little over wrinkled. Lovely strong neck broad level top line and well sprung rib cage. Moved with drive.
2.JINYBRUX JUSTENOUGH. A square short coupled r/w. Well balanced fore and aft and moved steadily. Would prefer a little more substance all around especially in Open
VD/B (3.2)
1.SONSHOBY CHARDONNAY AT FARVALEY shCM. B/w 7 years young. Excellent condition good head she has all her teeth which is more than some of the younger ones had.. Lovely head and neck well sprung rib cage and muscled quarters. Moved steadily.
MPB (6.2)
1.TIGALIAN DOUBLE DATE. Well grown b/w .Very typical head piece kind expression lovely crested neck and correct layback of shoulders. Broad level top line and muscled quarters. Move steadily for age.
2.RAMELEON REPLAY. Another well grown b/w with similar virtues to the winner however just preferred the movement to 1
PB (2.1)
1.MYLICAM WALTZING MATILDA. Really nice short coupled r/w. Lovely well balance head piece nice neck and correct angulations fore and aft. Moved steadily with drive from strong quarters
JB (2.1)
1.JINYBRUX JAFFA CAKE. Lots to like about this feminine r/w. Well balanced typical head piece with expressive eyes. Well put together when viewed from all angles. Top line level and broad well sprung rib cage and excellent driving quarters and consequently she moved very well
NB (2.1)
1.MEGALlASTON HEAVEN CAN WAIT. A stylish r/w who presents a short coupled outline. Head is typical and well balanced. Has excellent front and shows evident fore chest and well sprung ribs. Moved well with purpose
GB (4.2)
1.STELLVANA ENCHANTED AT BRICLIFF. Excellent stylish b/w . Correctly angulated fore and aft well sprung rib cage and deep brisket picture just spoilt by slightly slack pasterns. Has well muscled quarters that drove her around the ring.
2.MYLICAN MIXTURE AT RICKIDEE. Substantial b/w with a good frame ,deep brisket and gentle tuck up. Moved Ok just lost preferred the top line of 1 but a close decision.
PGB (4.1)
1.SARSBROK FASHIONISTA. A feminine b/w with a very typical well balanced head good square muzzle and dark expressive eyes. Lovely neck and well laid shoulders to strong broad level top line. She has an evident fore chest and good depth of brisket. She moved with drive. RBB.
2.ROYLARK MISS CHIEF,. A short coupled r/w with a well balanced head piece and kind expression.. Well laid shoulders and sprung rib cage with an evident fore chest. Strong top line and well muscled quarters which drove her around the ring. Just not the elegance of winner and a bit stuffy in neck.
LB (2.0)
1.FARVALLEY SIROCCO’S GIFTS shCM. Stunning outline on this r/w.. She shows off her crested strong neck well placed shoulders deep brisket and gentle tuck up. Has broad level top line and well muscled quarters. Her head piece is typical with an alert expression . Handled well to show her off. She moved effortless around the ring. BB. RBIS
2.ROXIGO BAMBINO DI PAVAROTTI. A substantial r/w of great power and strength . Not so clean in skull as winner. She is short coupled with abroad level top line, deep brisket and powerful quarters . She moves ok but gave her handler a hard time.
0B (1.1)
1.JUBILICIOUS FOR JINYBRUX. A feminine r/w who is a real fidget. Well balanced head and a kind expression. Good neck and level top line would prefer more lay back of shoulder however has good depth of brisket and gentle tuck up. Was a bit frantic on the move.


Judges Critique - Special Puppy Event
BSPD Bank's Walkon Hey No Issue at Sunhawk Norwatch
BSPB & BSPIS Chippendale's Mylicam Waltzing Matilda

Class A Puppy Dog (6-8 Months)

1st Woolliss’s Rameleon Play Away B/W Dog well off for bone, presented a balanced outline. He has a correct, dark eye giving a pleasing expression.  Good mouth, moved steadily.

2nd Revill & Carter’s Verdendo Country N’ Western Well handled B/W dog. He has a sharp outline with a very good reach of neck, head needs time.  Moved well

Class B Puppy Dog (8-10 Months)

1st Chippendale’s Mylicam Mambo Square outline, Straight well boned front.  He has a dark expressive eye, Wide mouth good topline and tight feet.

2nd Mullis’s Idleforde Bring Him Home.  Dark B/W Dog who is well off for size, Clean head with a good expression.  Firm level topline, good reach of neck.  Moved well.

Class C Puppy Dog (10-12 Months)

1st Banks Walkon Hey No Issue at Sunhawk Norwatch Tall B/W dog who has plenty of bone.  Good reach of neck into lovely shoulders, particularly liked his correct upper arm.  Balanced head with a good mouth, moved well.  Just preferred the more compact frame of the bitch BOS

Class D Puppy Bitch (6-8 Months)

1st Turner’s Tigalian Double Date.  A Promising B/W Bitch who has a clean head and cheeky expression.  She has a good reach of neck, firm topline and tight feet. Moved with purpose.

2nd Woolliss’s Rameleon Re Play Pretty headed B/W bitch who was close up to 1 she has a soft expression coming from a dark eye square balanced outline. Unsettled on the move.

Class E Puppy Bitch (8-10 Months)

1st Chippendale’s Mylicam Waltzing Matilda R/W bitch who was on her toes the whole time.  She has a Striking outline, clean neck giving plenty of reach.  Short back with correct tail set, tight feet, Broad muzzle and dark eye.  Moved well. Best Special Puppy

Class F Puppy Bitch (10-12 Months)

No Entries 

Stewart Copeland

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